Mbombela Magazine Long Copy Advertisement

Long copy advertisement for the rebranding of Mbombela.

WE ARE a unity of cultures. Celebration. Togetherness. Warmth. Li’langa. Protection of our place and our peace. Saam. Flourishing hills. Deep. Deep waters. Our opportunities bud. Xitalo. Growth. Nsuka. Crowded spaces, lively people. Die mense. Ons mense. Art inspired, culture driven, genuine. Tebuciko nemaSiko. Building cosmopolitan. Diverse. More. Bigger. Mundzuku. Let’s dance together. Thrilling. Dits lekker. Picturesque, hello travellers. Many, many travellers. Resources thriving. We will thrive. Fuma. We will rise. Our city grows higher and wider, maturing and growing. Waiting and waiting – for you in THE CITY.”