Good Design vs Cheap Design: You get what you pay for


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Good Design vs Cheap Design

As a designer in South Africa, we come across a large sum of clients who simply refuse to pay for what we know we are worth. Without a second thought, clients quickly shuffle away to find the next company who can do it at a much cheaper rate. With this, the value of good design is completely lost. Designers are thrown into a melting pot of those who can simply use a computer, and those who can conceptualize an entire campaign. These are the ones who have to compete on price.

Unfortunately, many clients don’t understand the difference between the two and would much rather choose the cheapest option, rather than the better one. Designers are willing to work for less as the industry becomes extremely condensed and this makes it harder to put a rate on what we could label “good design.” However, good design is something that will make a difference, rather than merely existing.

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Tips from an iconic creative

Paul Rand, an iconic designer once said, “Good design is your ambassador – something that represents you when you or your employees can’t be there in person. Good design represents you in the little details that people notice. It represents you on your website, or your brochure, but most importantly in your logo and brand. It silently exists upholding everything your brand stands for, long after any advertising or PR has faded away.”


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Paul Rand Logo Designs


Why pay for good design?

What we as creatives offer to our clients, is not only a final product of a logo, letterhead, website, etc. We offer our expertise, our trained skills, our knowledge in the world of advertising and a chance for our clients to leap over their competition.

When looking for a designer to design something for you, remember that you are putting your brand image in someone else’s hands. If all they can give you is a pretty picture, or one similar to what you have seen a hundred times before – it is your responsibility to choose whether or not it will benefit your company in the long run. Do you want to be the Coca Cola of the soda world or the Squeeza?

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