The importance of advertising research


advertising conceptualization research strategy



What is research?

Advertising research is implemented in order to determine the effectiveness of a campaign or an advert based on the reaction and feedback of a consumer. Advertising research is vital as it analyses whether or not an advertisement has been successful, which is the ultimate goal in advertising.

Poor advertising will result in loss of interest and loss of sales, and therefore research is integral in the survival and success of an advertising message.

Research in advertising is done in a variety of ways:

1. Before the advertisement is implemented through market research, SWOT analysis and consumer behaviour analysis.
2. During the development of the advertisement in order to assist with the creative flow during conceptualization.
3. For the duration of pre-testing.
4. Through advertisement evaluation in order to discover if the implementation was successful in delivering the intended message to the intended audience.

Research is implemented in order to:
1. Discover potential consumers
2. Assist with the creative flow in product development
3. Discover loopholes for product improvement
4. Define issues and their causes
5. Assist in future development and improvement

The effectiveness of an advertisement is measured on its ability to be received effectively by its intended audience. There are various research methodologies that can be implemented in order to analyse an advertisement, however, it is vital to choose and use research in order for it to deliver results.


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