Why do we brand?


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Brands are everywhere, surrounding us from the moment we enter the world. Majority of people cannot escape the presence of branding, be it a product, service or a person.


A brand is not a product’s aesthetics, their identity, their advertising campaigns or their visual identity. A brand is the personality that the product/service delivers, it is surety, desire, familiarity, accomplishment, progression – everything that allows for the product to evolve from an inanimate object into a relatable ideal.


“When people use your brand as a verb, that is remarkable.” – Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett-Packard Company, L.P. This is visible in brands such as Google “Google it”, Skype “Skype your family”, Photoshop “Photoshop that picture.” A brand can only exist if it is created and evolved in the mind of a consumer. A product/service can only do so much, but it is only once the consumer can develop a connection, that a brand is born.

The most powerful brands are those which connect with a consumer on a personal level. The brands seen as most successful, are those that create a strong atmosphere of nostalgia and familiarity.
A brand is that which is created by the consumer, when a product or service turns into something greater, into an experience. A strong brand is that which is relatable to its environment, that which offers a sense of commitment and trust.

The branding of a product is one which is born out of passion, it is the ethos and philosophy of the company and it is that which connects the consumer to the product.

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